Humans and wheels

You probably have some unconditional love towards something not so… wonderful. It seems, the whole lot of humans since our evolution have it too. The wheel. Since its invention, we’ve never let go of it. It might have took us decades to put on a motor to the wheel and call it a motorcycle, it only took years from there to get where we are now. The dream of a self balancing machine!

Although the purists might argue it takes away the inherent meaning of a motorcycle. There are a few who think otherwise. The BMW motorrad and Honda are those guys. The safe riding part of self balancing machine is only the icing, you get to enjoy your machine and push it to it’s limits knowing that it is not going to fail you. It’s the confidence the machine gives you, that’s the deal.

Putting on a data glass instead of a helmet or asking your machine to follow you and it obeying you are not something even thought of in si-fi movies. See there’s an absence of instrument cluster on the machine? that’s ‘coz you don’t need one. It’ll display all the information on the wearable. Yeah, It’s a prototype machine, but that’s where we are headed to.

Although Honda’s machine looks a bit less futuristic than the BMW’s version, it is a lot practical. Considering the intelligence Honda has gained through making something like ASIMO, I guess they would be the first to give us a working machine.

We might not see these machines on our roads in the immediate future, but eventually these concept bikes give us a taste of what the later generations are going to experience. Had only my duke stayed upright without me having to do something which I don’t even know am doing, I guess my mom and dad would live a much happier and peaceful life.

The wooden imperfect circular wheel to a self balancing wheel? it’s not simple, it’s one hell of a ride!




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