New year and a new hope.

Out of the innumerable life wreck situations I’ve fallen into and from which I’ve narrowly escaped, 2016 did teach me a lot. From how to behave on a road when on a motorcycle to how not to judge any situation a plain black or white. I’ve had many hopes on 2017, it did welcome me with a bang. I slipped on a wet floor and fell on my back. Yeah, it’s hurting.

I still somehow feel it can’t get worse than what 2016 was or for that matter, it can’t get any brighter too. I’ve fell of my bike, I’ve lost two people in my family, I’ve lost touch with some of my close friends, I’ve gotten rejected by a girl, I’m working 10 hours a day for a puny little salary, I’ve spent a lot of my dad’s money. But, I’ve also gone to live off in a forest for about a week looking for animal trails and their shit, I’ve got a motorcycle for myself, I’ve went on some good number of long rides, which I’d like to write a travelogue on. I got close to my cousins, I got some new friends, I’ve put on a tattoo, which is awesome by the way. So, yeah it’s just like an awesome long ride, you get bored, you enjoy a road, run out of fuel, enjoy a scenic sunrise or sunset sitting beside a road, go hungry or thirsty for some time, and finally end up with some moments which can’t be expressed but only experienced.

I do follow some international news, not just the CNN or BBC kind. But also the VOX or Al Jazeera type. I think the human race as a whole has gotten kinder and more intelligent. But the leaders of some countries and some powerful organizations in the world have gone rouge too. There’ll always be hope for the world to be a better place than what it is now.

Similarly, I hope to become a better human. And by better, I don’t mean the kind of humans who are a good fit in the society. But, the kind of humans who are better at being human. I wanted to study journalism from a long time. I wanted to go on a solo trip to the great mountains of Himalayas and reach the Khardung La pass. I wanted to re-build an old and useless motorcycle and gift it for myself, just so that I’d be satisfied putting my engineering skills to test. I wanted to take my family on a non-pilgrimage trip. I wanted to go on a track and push myself and my machine to limits. I wanted to start of working on some interesting ideas I have. But, the thing is not all wants are needed. And not all needs are practical. I believe I’ve become a better person than who I was in 2015.

I hope I would pursue some things which I want to do in 2017 and become a better person in the process of doing so.




  1. Of course we keep learning something every year despite the worst we experience.. 🤔 hope all your dreams come true and you become better year after year bro..!! 😎😊👍

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