Beyond the odds…

Odds are, you are reading this just out of curiosity to see what is it beyond the odds. It is nothing but our unending desire to see something new that makes us look beyond the odds. soo meaningless right? Sadly, life is always that way. Meaningless and looking beyond the odds. I was there at an accident spot looking for help to save a buffalo, along with some other people, who have already gathered there by the time I’ve stopped by. On the same day a friend of mine was a victim of a car accident when he was on his motorcycle. What are the odds that both incidents are from the same accident?

Just an other Friday evening for me. Set out from office pretty late and was going towards my place. There were a group of people gathered around standing by the road side which usually in our part of the world indicate someone has met with an accident. Stopped by to see what was going on, to my surprise it was a buffalo. Now, some of us were trying to reach out to animal rescue teams and the police to get help for the animal. Mean while a friend of mine calls me up saying a mutual friend of ours was involved in an accident, and that he was admitted in a hospital. By the time I reached the hospital, there were a few of my friends trying desperately to figure out what is his condition. They were told, he had suffered an internal injury to the brain and some serious internal bleeding is also happening in lungs. .

He was pronounced brain dead the next day. He was 22. His parents have agreed to donate his organs. As of today, we(atleast I) don’t know how has the accident happened. And who is the one to be punished. I’ve left to my home town that day. We(atleast some of us) have all forgotten about the incident and moved on.

How could a busy road used by hundreds of employees for daily commuting be left out without any street lights, how could an animal be let off on such a road without being manned by someone, how could the police hangup on such a distress call made to them, how could an ambulance not arrive at the location ever. Had any one of the things which is beyond the odds of happening has happened, I don’t know, you might not be going through the pain of reading this horrible post now. And the guy who’s left us all in grief for a day or two might’ve still been here smiling around us.

Only thing we know from his bike is, it might not have been a major crash as there are no major damages to the motorcycle. He would’ve survived the crash if he was wearing a helmet. That’s what is our assumption is, that he’d have not wore a helmet.

Is it beyond the odds to question the department responsible for proper lighting on the roads? Is it beyond the odds to talk to your friend who doesn’t wear a helmet while riding? Is it beyond the odds to save a life? Is it beyond the odds to stick to the left side of the roads? I’m not saying you should go on and preach something to everyone you see, or question everything that’s wrong in front of your eyes. That won’t work because it’ll take a life time and you have only one life to live. You can atleast make yourselves and your dear one’s safe on the roads if you can see beyond the odds of that oncoming Audi in the leftmost lane doing 120Kmph. 


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