Long rides & Motorcycles 

We all have that dream, to go on a ride to Leh, or a Jammu to Kanyakumari trip. Those are once or twice in a life kind of rides, but the one’s we are going to talk about now are a bit shorter long rides.

Some how humans have developed a connection with the wheel which can’t be replaced by anything else. One can still remember the days as kids when you used to run along a cycle tyre rolling it with a stick in your hand(Yeah its a major pass time for those of you who don’t know India). The days you haunted your dad to get a bicycle and the number of times you crashed that poor little thing. And the feats you’ve  done on it. If you’ve enjoyed these, they’d have added up to you wanting a motorcycle. Not just any pair of wheels but one which takes you to your dream places.

I’ve  heard stories of my dad riding from his work place town to his hometown back in the 90’s on his scooter. I remember the days we used his motorcycle(Hero Honda CD100) as an actual means of transport to get the four of us (dad,mom,sis and myself) to our destinations. Seriously, I don’t know if it was the lack of other means of transportation back then or it was fun for them to ride on such roads that made them ride. I don’t even know why I always try to go to my hometown on a motorcycle. Guess the feeling that you are in control of your journey gives you a sense of freedom when you are on a motorcycle and that might be the reason. Anyways, just like the many beautiful mysteries we haven’t solved yet, this too need not have a reason. Since we are on the topic of mysteries it is still a mystery to me as to why the Bullets aren’t going on an automated production line and why the KTM won’t release a dirt bike in India and of course why katappa killed bahubali .

If you were planning to go on a ride to some place from a long time  and the place is about 200-250KM’s from your living area and you are postponing it. please take a piece of advice, just close the browser now. Pack your backpack, fill the demon to full tank. Get a good night’s sleep, start early in the Saturday morning, kiss a goodbye to your bed and start RIDING! that is the only way you are going to see the place and have some time for yourself for a bit of soul searching. And don’t forget to put on a smile seeing the different kinds of bikers on your trip.

I guess the title should’ve been motorcycles & long rides since I first talked about motorcycles. Anyways, enjoy your ride this weekend.


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